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Feeling in the dark about Green? We’ll help you understand it clear as day.

What’s all this talk about “green”?

Green is an ongoing movement across all markets that’s creating dialogue and preference for environmentally responsible solutions.

What is sustainability?

Sustainability means there’s a balance between human demand on nature and nature’s ability to meet that demand. Sustainable products are essential because when a natural resource is consumed faster than it’s produced or renewed, eventually it will be depleted.

What do eco-friendly and environmentally friendly mean?

These are general terms which refer to goods and services with a reduced impact on the environment.

What is an ecological footprint?

It’s the measurement of human demand on earth’s limited natural resources Basically, the larger the footprint, the more stress placed on the environment. So it’s critical to introduce products and implement practices that reduce our ecological footprint, and that create a more sustainable world.

You can rest assured you will receive estimates on all workmanship we perform on your classic car. In that way you are always engaged in the project.

High quality products

that produce a

                         high quality finish!

Positive Environmental Impacts of Waterborne Finishes vs. Solvent Borne Finishes

  • Up to 96% decrease in ozone depleting emissions
  • Reduces flammability hazards associated with solvent borne coatings
  • Less material used per repair = hazardous waste reduction

Benefits to you, our valued customer

  • Excellent color match delivers a seamless repair that looks great
  • High quality repair at an affordable price, fast
  • Proven Durability

What We’re Doing to Be
Green. In Plain Black and

In 2012 Perfection Auto Repair upgraded to the AWX Waterborne paint system by Sherwin-Williams in an effort to become more conscious of environmental impacts that our business has on the environment.

AWX is Sherwin-William’s latest in high quality Waterborne finishes technology. Keeping in mind that many of our customers are environmentally conscious, we’ve switched to a waterborne paint system to lower VOC emissions during your vehicle repairs while using less material and reducing waste. By taking these measures we are reducing our ecological footprint.

AWX allows us to complete your repairs with increased productivity compared to other waterborne systems thus providing you a quick turn around time on your repair.

Our Commitment –
providing professional
repairs everytime!